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Details for this torrent 

Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW
Games > XBOX360
6.79 GiB (7293925271 Bytes)
2010-11-23 04:13:31 GMT

Info Hash:

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 //www.btarena.org/console/xbox360/splatterhouse-xbox360-marvelPlayable @ USA & PALThe classic action horror franchise returns for the Xbox 360 featuring a dynamic combat system, melee combos, and of course, the 2Ã


Can someone upload: Majin_And_Forsaken_Kingom_USA_XBOX360-SPARE

Its this AP2.5 game?Because Majin_And_Forsaken_Kingom_ is not!
FINALLY leaked :) Thanks alot!
THANK YOU UPLOADER!!!!! And for EVERYONE that is downloading.... This game does NOT come out for at LEAST a day or 2..... So DO NOT play ONLINE!!! ANd since you really cant play ONLINE.... plz. SEEEEEEED.... At the LEAST for a couple hours.... THIS UPLOADER JUST SAVED YOU and ME $60, thats just the bare minimum you could do!!!! Just for a couple hours...... THANKS!!!!!
is this ap25?
This is game is not Ap25 :)
Thanks Alooot, lets hope it works and Please seed cuz thats what I´ll do after I get it !
I had to turn down my upload speed because I do not get more than 5K/s download speed since it first uploaded yesterday getting 5/k was giving 200+/k upload well not any more sooo slow downloaded 3Gb gave 6 GB
One question...

Is Region Free?
Guys,Please seed only 2.5kbs and 19h
thanks man...oh and Jayzen_Freeze shut your cum dumpster ...no one cares what your uploading and i know for a fact at 5k u cant download 3 gigs in a dayi hate fuckers like you!!!!!!!
Can anyone help me?? every game i download the internet speed is low as fuck (100kb\s). but when i download movies i have a great speed (10mb\s)??
this game is fun thanks man and it even has the 3 classic games on it ...will seed
Try Cookies Xbox360 Game burner works every time & never burn faster than 4X the slower the better.
bullshit.....i extracted the files with winrar...then i burned it with img burn at 2.4 speed and guess what im playing it right now ...so dont say it dont burn with img burn cuz your all full of shit
can someone teach me how to download games from here and the process of getting them to disk form for xbox360 (: it would be really great and im sorry for being such a noob
Skit spel...stängde av efter 10 min....
I think this is a bad dup, cause I stuck in loading for a long while in the second fight.. I try to install the game inside the harddrive and it passed that stage .. but play and continue sometimes it frozen..
I downloaded another one from other site no such problem.. anyone has the same problem
for some reason when i was extracting it said the iso file is broken did i do something wrong

Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW

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