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Details for this torrent 

Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW
Video > TV shows
1.38 GiB (1478131630 Bytes)
Spoken language(s):
2010-05-24 06:30:20 GMT
TvTeam VIP

Info Hash:

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//www.torrentday.com :  Your Key To The Scene.Now TvTeam with [No-RAR] Releases.(((((((((((((= Enjoy No RAR releases =))))))))))))))))))))...................................NFO:....................................Lost.S06E17.HDTV.XviD-NoTVSeries: LostRelease.Date: 2010-05-24Length: CD1 00:53:02 (698MB)Length: CD2 00:50:49 (697MB)Country: Type: ViDEO:Resolution: 624x352Bitrate: 1MbpsAUDiO:Hertz: 48KHzBitrate: VBR 128 KbpsHope everyone enjoy the Lost series :-)Also left 2 frames showing ctv didn't air the 10 secondsof them showing the beach abc left in


Ebgala 3o arxidi mexri na katebei. Ante na doume pou skata ekribe o xodros tis pitses 6 gamimena xronia den exei xasei kilo o poustis..
u might wanna seed u dumb motherfucker shitheads, piratebay will die soon of all leechers
lol gia tis pitses!ego file to katevaza ap to mesimeri sti douleia k eftase mexri 30%.tora to katevazw ap tin arxi sto spiti!katara!!!elpizw na mai tixeri k na to dw mexri to vradi.
Ypomoni file, kai egw apo ti douleia to katebasa to ebala 12:00 kai katebike 15:30 kai to exw afisei anoixto gia to lao :) 50kb maximum upload eleos gamw ton Ote kai gamw to ipoanaptiko internet! irtha spiti maliokoubara na to dw! cheers

cheers mate!kopela eimai.happy lost day!!
lol plakwsan oi ellhnes re paidia ? ade na doume, akoma na katevei to gamhmeno, sernetai.
2,3 kbps. what the fuck people, seed please. it's the fuckin last episode.
WTF MAN SEED You inglorious PPl
silefrost-egw ta paratisa.katevazw apo to gt.net giati edw den iparxei swtiria.thelei 15 wres na katevei
seed lemeee.
8a symfwnhsw paides edw den blepw prokoph!!!
katevike epitelous ! tha to afhsw anoixto kana 2 meres gia seed. 10 wres re paidia eleos. kai to ekanan kai megalo, 1,38 giga.
Does anyone know a link to the Jimmy Kimmel Aloha To Lost special that aired right after the finale?? I can't find it anywhere!
i love you man thank you for this iv loved lost and can not believe its the end thank you again
BubbyCSG! Thanks man, thank you sooo much!
thanks, the last lost hmmmm.
Anybody else find all this confusing? can anyone explain if this is ep17 & 18 and why 1.38GiB? (2 episodes should be 700MB) and why do we have CD1 and CD2?
seed plz
seed seed seed please
Thank you!
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Type SE
Magnet link Uploaded Today 13.29, ULed by piratebay HIDE MY IP NOW

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